Monday, 8 August 2016

Importance of Panchkarma in Spring and Autumn

In Ayurveda the prevention measure is the prime concern. Ritucharya, seasonal routine is one of the best regimens dealing with preventive aspect of health care.
Seasonal variations cause accumulation of doshas in the body resulting in diseases.  These seasonal influences on the physiology are best treated by Panchkarma therapy. 
Ayurveda is the only system of medicine in the whole world which explains the need of purification of body. Panchkarma therapies are sophisticated purifying measures to remove the toxins from gross channels to subtle channels of the body. Panchakarma therapies are best indicated in aggravated stage of doshas.
Spring season with kapha aggravated stage and autumn with pitta aggravated stage are considered best season for Panchakarma treatment.
Spring season or vasantha ritu falls in the month of mid march to mid may.This season is considered as season of flowering and origin of new leaves. There is wet and cool weather so kapha dosha is predominant. Kapha increases and digestive fire i.e. Agni reduces. There is unexplained body pain especially in calf muscles, mild tremors in limbs, sore throat, tongue is white and person feels lot of fatigue, sluggishness and drowsiness and loses appetite.
In winter season digestive fire is high, so people usually eat more sweet and heavy food. It becomes difficult to digest these hard foods so ama starts getting accumulated. In spring because of the warm weather due to the heat of the sun the ama melts and the volume of ama gets more and clogs the channels of the body. In this season ama /toxins tend to be more mobile in our body i.e. Nature supports purification in spring.
If the toxins are not expelled out of the body it blocks the subtle and gross channels of our body and could lead to many diseases especially kaphaja disorders like respiratory problems, allergic reactions etc..,
Nature tries to put the toxins out of the body in this season. It needs help from us to facilitate the purification so spring is considered as the best season for Panchkarma.
Autumn or Sharad ritu falls from Mid-August to Mid-October.  It follows monsoon (Varsharitu) and precedes early winter (Hemanta ritu)
The heat of summer is in the memory, down pour of monsoon has just ended and the chill of winter is still on its way.
Ayurveda considers it as breeding season of all diseases.  There is aggravation of pitta dosha, decrease of vata dosha and digestive fire is moderate.
Panchkarma therapies are best indicated in this season.It prevents many pitta diseases like skin diseaseshyper acidity, liver & gall bladder problems, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, chronic migraine, inflammatory conditions and many more diseases.


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