Saturday, 18 June 2016

Giloy – Ayurveda various puposes

Giloy is one of the wonder herbs in Ayurveda and is also known as
Guduchi, Amrita, and Tinospora Cordifilia.

Giloy is an immunomodulator herb, anti inflammatory, analgesic effect
and is helpful in many diseases fever, arthritis, dengue, infections,
low immunity, cancer, auto immune diseases, fatigue etc.

Stem and leaves are to be used of the plants. 

It is also helpful in rejuvenation.

It pacifies all the three Doshas – Vata Pitta Kapha.

Some of the medicinal uses and benefits are given below

1.      The first and most important benefit of Giloy is its ability
to boost immunity. It acts as a rejuvenating agent too. Giloy contains
antioxidant properties that improve health and fight diseases. It
acts in all kinds of infections

2.   Another benefit of Giloy is that it treats chronic fever.
Since it is anti-pyretic in nature, it can reduce signs and symptoms
of many diseases. It increases the count of your platelets and is
given in dengue, chicken gunia, Flu, malaria.

You may take a little extract of Giloy and combine it with honey for
preventing infections.

3.  Giloy can also take care of your digestive system. This Giloy
herb is popularly known for treating ailments of several kinds. Take
half a gram of Giloy powder along with some amla regularly. Giloy
juice can also be taken along with buttermilk in order to improve
digestion. This remedy can be used for patients suffering from piles
as well.

4.    Giloy helpful in Diabetes as well. Giloy acts as a
hypoglycaemic agent. It can lower the levels of blood pressure and
cholesterol. Diabetic patients can also take Giloy juice in order to
reduce high levels of blood sugar.

5.   Giloy can reduce both mental stress as well as anxiety. Giloy
is often combined with other herbs to make an excellent health tonic.
It will boost memory and also calms the mind.
6  . Giloy is helpful in arthritis also. It contains anti-flammatory as well as anti-arthritic properties that take care of
arthritis and its several symptoms; including joint pains it can be
given with ginger to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Giloy along with
castor oil is useful in gouty arthritis.

7.      Giloy is very effective in skin disorders as well. It helps
improves the circulation and heals the skin.