Monday, 28 December 2015


A simple procedure of applying the oil to the vertex using a cotton pad impregnated with oil medicated or otherwise to known as Shiro Pichu.  Once again here the application of oil does not follow any form of massage.   By the application of this procedure one can achieve all the beneficial effect of Murdha Taila most over this procedure is said to be more beneficial in dermatological condition of the scalp as well as psychological disorders.  As this process does not involve massage it can be confidently performed in painful condition or ulceration of the scalp also. 

Beneficial Effects
All the beneficial effects of murdha tailas.
1.     Hair Fall
2.     Splitting of hair
3.     Burning sensation of the scalp
4.     Stiffness of eyes

In healthy individuals oil may be prescribed according to prakriti of the client or as listed below:-
·        Vata Prakriti    à Himasharagat Taila
·        Pitta Prakriti    à Chandandi Taila
·        Kapha Prakriti à Triphaladi Taila
·        Sama Prakriti  à Asana Bilwa Taila

If the client has any complaint related to the head, scalp or hair fall specific oil may be used for the Shiro Pichu or as detailed below:-
·        Hair Fall      à Dhaturapatradi Taila
·        Dandruff à Dhaturapatradi Taila
·        Cranial Nerve Disorder à Narayan Taila / Dhanvantaram Taila
·        Premature graying à Neelibhringadi Taila /Bhringaraj Taila

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