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Madhumeha is vataja type of prameha where ojas of shareera itself goes out through mutra.So shamana i.e. pacifying therapy is better.
If rogi is having good strength and the disease is also new then shodhana therapy could be considered.


Karshya mehi are underweight.They need to increase the body’s immunity and balance the harmones to prevent further damage to the body.So they need Santarpana and Brihmana therapy.Santarpana means replenishment of the body.Brihmana means increasing the bulk of the body.

They don’t need shodhana therapy.They require only shamana therapy.
Abhyanga with Ashwagandhabala laxadi taila or Ksheerabala taila is advisable.
Anuvasana basti and brihmana bastis are highly beneficial.


Sthoulya mehi are obese.They need apatarpana and samshodhana therapy.Apatarpana means to cause loss of weight by denourishment.This method works in people in whom madhumeha is caused due to additional weight.Samshodhana is cleansing of the body.So both Apatarpana and samshodhana is brought about by a specific treatment called Panchakarma therapy.

Panchakarma treatment can be advised according to the dosha and dushya involvement and specific treatments according to any complications.

1.Deepana and Pachana therapy.
2.Abhyantara Snehapana.
4. Mridu Swedana (precautions explained below)
5. Vamana
6. Virechana
7. Basti
8. Nasya


Swedana is contraindicated in prameha.Swedana does utkleshana and vilayana of doshas which are deeply adhered to the dushyas.But in diseases like prameha, kushta, visarpa the doshas are already in utklishta avastha so they don’t need swedana.

Prameha is characterised by shithilata of dhatus due to involvement of too much vitiated kapha, meda and udaka.So if strong swedana is done it causes depletion of all dhatus making the patient weak.

But it becomes necessary to do the swedan as poorvakarma for shodhana therapy.In this case depending on the severity of ama, swedana could be done by giving nadi sweda or bathing with warm water , wipe and immediately covering the body with  thick blankets.

      Few other procedures can be done according to the necessity and for prevention.

1. Shirodhara: to combat stress, disturbed sleep, reduces hypertension.
2. Pizichili and Navarakizhi: rejuvenation helps in diabetic neuropathy by strengthening nerves and increase immunity.
3.Neem lepa and parisheka:Beneficial in underlying skin issues,itching in the body and prameha pidakas.
4. Udvartana in obese persons.
5. Netra tarpana and Aschyottana in diabetic retinopathy.


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