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The Concept of Agni in Ayurveda - Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital

The concept of agni is unique to Ayurveda. Most simply put, Agni is a digestive fire or a transforming power to convert what isn't you i.e., food, drinks, sights, sounds, feelings and information into what is you - your body, emotions and intelligence.

It is the Agni that has the power to digest the food well; making all nutrients available to the tissues. It is the agni that powers the mind to be intelligently disciplined. It is Agni that cleans toxins and waste products from the system, keeping the digestive tract clean and the body fresh and glowing. Strong healing Agni is necessary to keep the body and mind balanced and to maintain good health.

Problems come to the surface when Agni is low or too high. Low Agni will be the cause of poor digestion of food that we eat. Very strong or high levels of Agni will literally burn the food up even before it can be assimilated and utilized. 
Low Agni is generally expressed as: Gas, Burps, Difficulty in waking up, Slow digestion (Heaviness after meals), Scanty or no Perspiration, Tired mind, Constipation, Dull complexion. Maharishi Ayurveda provides ayurvedic treatment for stomach disorders.

High levels of Agni are generally expressed as: Strong belching, Excessive talking, Rashes, Diarrhea, Burning sensation in the digestive tract, Hyper excitability, Excessive Anger.
Tips for improving Low Agni:
  • Consume light and easily digestible food in small quantities, like, Ayurvedic Khichdi, Moong Dal & fresh green vegetables.
  •  Take a pinch of finely chopped fresh ginger mixed with a little salt before meals (Especially recommended for Vata types)
  •    Take a pinch of trikatu powder with quarter teaspoon of honey before meals (Especially recommended for Kapha types)
  •  Sip warm water along with your meals.
  • Agni can be improved by fasting but this should be done under supervision of an experienced Ayurvedic physician only.
  •  Agni can also be improved with the help of some Ayurvedic medicines.
Tips for reducing and normalizing High Agni:
  • Avoid hot energy foods like chilies, coffee, eggs, alcohol etc.
  •  Eat in a settled and calm atmosphere with an attitude of gratitude for the food.
  •  Breakfast should not be skipped and it is better to take an early lunch.
  •  Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables should be taken. Coconut is a good option.
  •  Find ways to release your anger, frustrations and stress in constructive ways.
  •   Regular practice of Transcendental Meditation is very helpful.
  •  Sip Maharishi Ayurveda Pitta Tea after your meals to reduce excess agni.

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